When the pups turn 3 weeks old, we allow visitors to the pups that not only are a part of Chloe’s family and friends.

Henriette and Magnus would not miss a day, so yesterday they payed us a visit, and especially to the only male; Adoreas Ridged Jafariki, former known as Mr Blue!

Names that start with “J”

Since this is a J-litter, all the pups shall have names that starts with the letter ā€œJā€.

Can you help us with some more girls names? It’s only 1 boy, and he is already named Jarafiki. Adoreas Ridged Jarafiki.

Jade, Jamila, Jazz, Jessica, Joy, Jamina, Jasmin, Jadore, Jewel, Jolene, Joplin, Jill, Jodie, Judo, Java, June, Jina, Jessie, Jolita, Jana, Josephine, Jeroldine, July, Jammy, Jonna, Jelena, Jenna, Janka, Jody, Jubel, Jocelyn, Jacquie, Jenny, Jeba, Jocelyn, Jali, Jua, Jabali, Jenny, Jori, Juno

2 weeks status

The pups are now 2 weeks old, and everything is fine with them all! Mom Chloe is a fantastic mom, and she has made my days easy the first 2 weeks.
The pups are now +- 1,5 kg and they have got their first deworm. Mom Chloe also got a deworm treatment. Important that they all got that.

Mr Blue on the weigh

The pups in the small box. They are always there when I change blanket and was the puppy pen. Click on one pic to see them larger in a slideshow:

Mom Chloe and the pups in the puppy pen! Click on one pic to see them larger in a slideshow: