8 weeks stacks

Mr Blue. Adoreas Ridged Jarafiki

Miss Green. Adoreas Ridged Juna

Miss Orange. Adoreas Ridged Jlo

Miss Pink. Adoreas Ridged Java

Miss Purple. Adoreas Ridged Jabulela

Miss Red. Adoreas Ridged Jild

Miss Yellow. Adoreas Ridged Juno

Adventurous pups

The last 2-2,5 weeks with pups are really hectic for me. So much the pups shall explore and experience! The pups have moved to new homes now.
Here are lots of photos from the last weeks. Click on them to see them larger in a slide show!

Here are the pups’ first trip outside. I think they were 5,5 weeks. It had been so cold outside, but then we had some warmer weather.

To drive a lot of car with the pups are important. One day we drove to Adoreas Ridged Ilya’s garden in Kristiansand:

More playing in the garden with mom Chloe and our son Richard:

Elin and I brought the pups together with mom Chloe, old aunt Almea, cousin Farah and her daughter Isadora to a beach:

In the garden with big brother Goliat, Chloe, Almea, Farah and Isadora (and Anneli with son):

Merete, aunt Adoreas Ridged Cola and grandma Adoreas Ridged Arwen took the pups for several excursions while I was at the big dog show, Dogs4All. Thank’s for the pics and the socialication of the pups, Merete!


Grandma Daniella (owner of dad Falko) came all the way from Stuttgart in Germany to visit Falko’s pups. Here we picked her up at the airport in Kristiansand:

Status 6 weeks old

This weekend Alex and Marianne from Kennel Kifani visited us and the pups. I haven’t found any DS in the pups, but it’s always reassuring that others also check.
And they didn’t find anything they either!
Thank you so much for coming all the way visiting us!!!

The days for the pups are like this: eating, sleeping, playing, cuddling visitors and us, and they have started to visit the garden. I will also start driving with them.

The Lion hunters