Presentation J-litter 1 day old

Miss Red.

Miss Green

Miss Orange

Miss Purple

Miss Yellow

Miss Pink

Mr Blue

Everything is fine with the pups and mom. I vent to the vet early this morning to take an x-ray of Chloe’s belly just to be sure if she was empty.
So now we just look after mom and pups and make sure they all eat and sleep.

As most of you know breeding Ridgebacks are not easy. There are so many “beauty faults” they can have, but most people don’t want to go to dog shows any way. Puppies that seems correct the first weeks can suddenly have a kinked tail or something when they turn 6-7 weeks. Some are difficult to detect when they are newborn. So it’s too early to know for sure yet.

Mr Blue ridgefault 4 crowns – but a really cool ridge
Miss Red correct ridge
Miss Pink correct ridge
Miss Orange correct ridge
Miss Purple one of the crowns are a bit strange, looks correct when she was newborn
Miss Green correct ridge, probably a kinked tail
Miss Yellow correct ridge, probably a very small kink in the tail. Not sure at all yet.


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