Leona and the pups

Maria Sundsdal Gundersen (owner of Adoreas Ridged Escada) took these lovely shoots some weeks ago! Click on the first picture to see them all in a slideshow:


The names

All the names are now decided by the new owners!

The boy:
Adoreas Ridged Jarafiki.
The girls:
Adoreas Ridged Jabulela
Adoreas Ridged Juno
Adoreas Ridged JLo
Adoreas Ridged Juna
Adoreas Ridged Jill
Adoreas Ridged Java

Status 6 weeks old

This weekend Alex and Marianne from Kennel Kifani visited us and the pups. I haven’t found any DS in the pups, but it’s always reassuring that others also check.
And they didn’t find anything they either!
Thank you so much for coming all the way visiting us!!!

The days for the pups are like this: eating, sleeping, playing, cuddling visitors and us, and they have started to visit the garden. I will also start driving with them.

The Lion hunters